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Our fresh made sugar-crafted cakes are handmade by a world-class cake maker.

A fresh sugar-crafted cake is like nothing is truly sublime and intricate. All our recipes and hand crafted sugar models are designed in-house, which is a hub of creative activity.
For over 15 years our handmade sugar crafted cakes have been enjoyed by everyone – from elite socialites, stars of the stage, families and children around the world, from as far flung places as the Middle East, Asia and across Europe.

What enables us to be creative is that unlike many cake makers – focusing purely on profit – Ocean of Cakes has managed to withstand the growing trend of the readymade product. At Ocean of Cakes, we ensure all out handmade sugar crafted cakes are given special attention to quality, moisture, unique creatively designed sugar-crafted decoration along with a versatile taste sensation and more importantly under the same watchful gaze of our qualified and talented cake maker.

Our expert creative cake maker and sugar crafter is from Edgware, North London. After studying and qualifying to become a certified expert cake maker and sugar crafter, our cake maker has supplied uniquely intricate sugar crafted cakes to a number of eateries, hotels, weddings, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries and to a host of other special occasions. In addition, our expert creative cake maker has been invited to display her creative talents at national exhibitions and shows across the country.

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